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Premium edition

Spider TG.1513

Bar handles
mwe-door handle-stainless steel handle-bar handle

This door handle was developed to match the Spider sliding door system.


The fastenings are free in height 
Handle diameter per bar: 10 mm.
Length can be freely selected.

AllMWE fasteners possible.

Surface: 600 grain, matt ground or highly polished possible.

This door handle was designed to go with the Spider sliding door system.

The mountings can be set at a variety of heights. 

Diameter per bar: 10 mm.

All lengths available.

Suitable for everyoneMWE attachments.

Surface: Grit 600 brushed or
high gloss polished possible. 

Recommended from 1000 mm handle height:  third door handle attachment

Third mounting 
recommended from 
1000mm length

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