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Move Knauf/Knob DD.0310

Move Knauf/Knob DD.0320


Move Handle/Handle DD.0330

This new product series allows you to create a situation in which all products are coordinated in their form. This homogeneity in the overall appearance is not the only thing.
Special feature in this new series. In addition, all straps and connectors have the same height. The freedom that arises thanks to the new system is also reflected in the basic shape of the straps and connectors. 

This new product line allows to create any imaginable application with identical shape and same design accessories. Homogeneity of the design is not the only feature of this line. Using the modular principle you can use all components in one application without changing the visual appearance. The product line contains all required fittings; all hinges and joints come with the same dimensions. 

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