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You have the choice:

Grip shells for various applications

You have the choice

Some of our handle shell models are available in different thicknesses that can be combined with one another. The standard delivery can be used for door systems, for example: B. bring the door leaf close to the wall without an existing skirting board. On the other side of the door leaf there is more grip surface thanks to a higher grip recess. Depending on your preference, you can plan for the slimmer or deeper handle on both sides, regardless of the frame and base width.

Some of our cup pull models are available in various thicknesses that can be combined with each other to bring the door panel closer or further from the wall to accommodate casing or baseboard thickness. On the outside of the door panel select to have the deeper cup pull for additional grip. Depending on the preference, the slimmer or deeper handle can be specified for each side of the door.

Standard delivery-assembly-grip shell.j

Von MWE empfohlene Standardversion 

13 mm Außen: komfortabel große Grifffläche
9 mm Innen: Tür kann sehr nah an die Wand gebracht werden. Je nach Sockelleiste und Zarge ist so ein geringer Wandabstand möglich!

Standard version recommended by MWE

13 mm outside: comfortably sized grip area
9 mm inside: Door can be placed very close to the wall. Depending on the baseboard and frame, this enables a low wall clearance!

Standard delivery-assembly-grip shell.j

Variant 1 

13 mm outside: comfortable large grip surface
13 mm inside: comfortable large grip surface

ATTENTION: Collision between wall and handle is possible if the distance to the wall is too close!

Variant 1

13 mm outside: comfortably sized grip area
13 mm inside: comfortably sized grip area

WARNING: If wall clearance too low, wall and pull may collide!


Please note:
If you choose a deeper handle, if the door leaves are high or there is little space between the wall and the door leaf, the vibration of the door element can cause the handle to scrape on the wall.

Please note:
If you select a deeper pull, high door leaves or a low clearance between wall and door leaf can cause the pull to scrape against the wall when the door element is moved.

mwe-door handle-stainless steel handle-handle


Standard version: 9/13

Variant 1: 13/13

Variant 2: 9/9

mwe-door handle-stainless steel handle-handle


Standard version: 7/12

Variante 1: 12/12

Variant 2: 7/7

mwe-door handle-stainless steel handle-handle


Standard version: 8/12

Variant 1: 12/12

Variant 2: 8/8

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