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Lock case / latch sets




The Askara lock case is milled from solid stainless steel and, with its clear outer edges in the “cutting edge design”, gives the room door a modern and straightforward look. The lock case is equipped with convenient magnetic latch technology, which means the door locks more quietly. In addition, this lock is the only one that can be used on a frame with a flush glass door. Due to the arrangement of the striking plate on the inside of the frame, no disturbing element is visible on the panel when viewed from the front of the door.

The Askara lock case is milled from solid stainless steel. Its clear outer edges (“cutting edge design”) gives the door a modern and straightforward appearance. The lock case is provided with the comfortable 
magentic latch technology, which makes the door close quietly. Furthermore, this is the only lock case which can be assembled into a frame with flush glass panel. Through the arrangement of the strike box inside the frame, there won't be any disturbing elements on the front side of the door.

MWE lock case Askara

This world first was presented at BAU in 2017 and is sold in Germany as a system with a frame exclusively by our partner Vitadoor/Modulwerk.

All components are manufactured in Germany using state-of-the-art CNC machines and refined by hand in its finishing process.

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