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Grip shell GR.5948

Flush pull
mwe-door handle-stainless steel handle-handle

This beautiful and comfortable handle made of solid stainless steel for wooden and glass sliding doors comes in two 
Combination variants offered. 
The standard version consists of a 13 mm thick outer shell half and a 9 mm slim inner shell half. This means that the door can be attached close to the wall; depending on the skirting board or frame, a small distance from the wall is possible.

If you like it equally generous on both sides, choose the variant with two 13 mm thick mussel shells on the side.
Front and back. 

Outer diameter: 59mm
Door leaf thickness:     
8-10 mm glass, 15-18 mm wood.
Glass hole: Ø 16 mm.
Wood hole: Ø 12 mm.

This beautiful and convenient flush pull made from solid stainless steel for 
sliding glass and wooden doors are available in two combination variants.

The standard design consists of a 
13 mm thick exterior half and a 9 mm slim 
interior helped. In this way, the door can be installed close to the wall, and depending on the skirting board or door frame a reduced wall spacing is possible.
If you want it equally generous on both sides, you can choose the option with two 13 mm-thick flush pulls on the front and rear.

Exterior diameter of flush pull: 59 mm.
Thickness of door leaf:     
8-10 mm glass, 15-18 mm wood.
Drill hole in glass: Ø 16 mm.
Drill hole in wood: Ø 12 mm.


mwe-door handle-stainless steel handle-handle
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