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Grip shell GR.5941

Flush pull
mwe-door handle-stainless steel handle-handle

The grip shell GR.5941 is more of a grip ring than a shell. It elegantly encloses the 50 mm glass hole designed as a pass-through and combines with the door leaf to create a functional and visual reason for joy.

Glass thickness: 8-12 mm.
Glass hole: Ø 50 mm.
Outer diameter: 59 mm.
Inner diameter: 41mm
Depth: 7 mm. 

The flush pull GR.5941 is rather more a ring-pull than a flush pull. It elegantly edges the 50 mm glass drill hole designed as an opening and links with the door leaf to form a pleasing functional and visual whole.

Glass thickness: 8-12mm.
Diameter of glass drill hole: 50 mm.
Exterior diameter: 59mm.
Inner diameter front: 41 mm.
Depth: 7mm.


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