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Grip shell GR.3226

Flush pull
mwe-door handle-stainless steel handle-handle
mwe-door handle-stainless steel handle-handle

With a handle depth of ~8 mm, the GR.3226 handle is particularly comfortable.
in use. The special feature is the 
Flush installation on one side using a countersunk point holder. This handle is a flatterer for the hand and eye.

Glass thickness: 8-12 mm.
Glass countersunk hole: 32 x 26 mm.
Depth: 20mm
Inner diameter: 39 mm. 
Outer diameter: 59mm

With a depth of ~8 mm, the flush pull GR.3226 is particularly convenient to use. 
Its special feature is the way it can be installed flush on one side 
using flat-headed countersunk glass 
connectors. This flush pull appeals to the hand and eye.

Glass thickness: 8-12mm.
Glass counterbore: 32 x 26 mm.
Depth: 20mm.
Inner diameter: 39mm.
Exterior diameter: 59mm.


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