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Knob SA.3300

Door knobs

This cylindrical doorknob is versatile and never misses its stylish effect.

Simple aesthetics on 40 mm diameter.

The rounded milling on the bottom makes the clear shape ergonomic.

Knob diameter = Ø 40 mm.
Including rosette = Ø 45 mm.
Length = 55mm.
Door leaf hole = Ø 16 mm.

This cylindrical door knob can be used in many ways yet never loses its stylish effect. Simple 40 mm aesthetics diameter. The rounded milled recess on the underside makes this clear-cut shape ergonomic. 

Knob diameter = Ø 40 mm. 
Including rosette = Ø 45 mm. 
Length = 55 mm. 
Drill hole = Ø 16 mm. 

pikto-knauf-stainless steel-3300-assembly.jpg
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